Looseleaf, how I’ve missed thee!


I never jumped on the recycled paper bandwagon.  Don’t shoot me!  I remember when I was young, and it was just becoming a big deal to have recycled paper.  I remember it being thin and soft and slightly brown.  I wanted nothing to do with it.  I like my paper bright white, crisp, with beautiful blue and red lines.  Now, I realize, the recycled paper looks the same, and I am great with that, in fact, I gravitate towards it.  I didn’t realize I would miss “normal” paper.  Don’t get me wrong, we can buy paper here.  It’s just…different.  They don’t have notebooks with perforated pages.  In fact, most of their notebooks are staple bound and you can’t even remove the pages!  It’s a travesty, really.Image

Oh yeah.  Paper.  Packages and packages of looseleaf paper AND construction paper.  There will be some crafting going on at my house!


I see lots of chocolate.  And PopTarts.  The chocolate chips may have been in a liquid state, but what better excuse do you need to make ganache?!  I have a friend who is a master ganache maker here…she may have to help me out 😉


I love it when Cam smiles so big his eyes crinkle.  I’m not sure what caused it, but I love it nonetheless.


Maybe it was the pop tarts that made his eyes crinkle…or the Oreos.  Or maybe the princess fuzzy kit because we all know Cam loves to be dressed up his girls…








And just look at that sweet little puppy playing in our box.  Packages truly are a family affair!  Lots of thanks to our Lane Prairie family for showing us love.


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