A little something special

*I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of pictures I posted*

Gracie had the unique privilege of going to camp this summer, and I am not going to sugarcoat it any…she had a rough time.  Thankfully, there was a sweet counselor named Taylor who befriended my baby and showed her immeasurable amounts of love.  In fact, she loves her with a heart the size of Texas (because she is from Texas, of course), and she emailed us the week after camp asking for mailing info because she really wanted to send Gracie some mail love.  That package came in today, after many worries that it may be lost, and Gracie was over the moon!


Meili was just as curious as Gracie, but not anywhere near as excited.  Gracie may have been shaking at this point.


I love this first glimpse.  I love that Gracie felt so special.  I love that someone else, whom I have never even met in person, saw something in Gracie that made her want to bless her.  I love the kind heart of Taylor and her obedience to the Father.


I understand the smile now.  It’s the liquid crack that made us all lick our lips in anticipation of that first taste.  Lucky for us, Gracie has a kind heart that is willing to share (most of the time)!


I read this letter and cried.  Not that is saying much because I cry all the time (if anyone has a cure for this ailment, PLEASE share it with me!), but the letter was touching and heartfelt and meant a lot to Gracie.


I’m not sure the smile could get any bigger…and the smiles spread all around when we had family game night tonight.  The girls asked if we could make it an “every Tuesday night” tradition.  Ha!  And, the pieces are CUPCAKES!  Seriously.  Is there a game more suited for this family?!  Except that I had to break my pact to never play Monopoly with Cam again…


I have to admit that these shorts caused my heart to speed up.  Cam said they are “loud”, but Gracie and I fell in love!




Gracie’s box was filled with adorable clothes that really made her day.  She is very much in the “I love clothes” phase, and that is not a god place to be when you live here…which made her even more thrilled and grateful for the generosity and love from her new forever friend that she will always think of with the fondest of memories.  Thank you, Taylor!!


One thought on “A little something special

  1. Finally, caught up on your posts!!

    What an awesome friend of Gracies!! Praise the Lord for her!!

    And, I LOVE the Maratha White blueberry muffins way better than homemade! And my kids don’t like them, so if I make them I eat all of them hot with butter on them!! 🙂


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