Ribbon may be my love language.


My friend thinks ribbon is pretty great too…and I think her writing on the box was even greater.  This is one of the first times I was pushing the girls out of the way.  Ha!  I usually let them have the joy of opening while I capture it, but the ribbon was beckoning me!


This is what mail does to us.  We all go a little bit crazy and get slightly uncontrollable.


Let me just tell you about this nail polish.  The girls have designed a whole play area around this polish.  They now own and operate a “spa” located in the Fabulous Faith’s room.  I went tonight to experience the goodness they proclaim, and it truly was a fabulous experience.  They washed my feet and rubbed my legs, then they massaged my feet and painted my nails.  All while I lay on the bed reading them a book.  I told them I would be a daily customer 🙂


Check out their list of colors…they now have numbers to coordinate with the colors and bottles…it feels very authentic in this spa.  So authentic, in fact, that I got a surprise bill at the end for more than we agreed upon!


Ellie.  That girl.  She loves blueberry muffins…so long as they are not homemade.  I made these on Monday morning and when she came into the kitchen asking me what was for breakfast (I told her muffins), she said, “You didn’t make them homemade did you??”  With a complete and utter look of disgust on her face.  I felt super loved and appreciated.  And she felt super thrilled to stuff her face with Martha White muffins.


Meili got a toy too..and she was just as excited as we are about gifts!  She wouldn’t let it go, and it has taken the place of her rubber chicken as favorite.  Luckily she isn’t big enough to actually squeak the squeaker 🙂


A glimpse of Hobby Lobby in China.


Veribest has sent only the most special of things once again.  We are so thankful for clubs who have our back and who continually seek to encourage and lift us up!


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