An opportunity like the one I miss most

My girls get a gigantic scholarship.  


In order for them to receive this, we have to agree to volunteer at their school for a gazillion hours every semester.  An opportunity came up for me to be a part of the middle school girls bible study every Monday afternoon (and it counted as volunteer hours!), so I jumped on it.  Since I would be there and could take Gracie home, this also allowed Gracie to participate every week with her friends.  Double score!  The first week, as I observed about twelve girls (80% being Korean) with a smile on my face, I realized how normal it all seemed.  Before we left that first meeting, the lead teacher said I could lead the next week…

Oh.  Okay…I thought I would just be a helper, but sure.  I can do that!

I prepared my game, my lesson, and chocolate chip cookies (of course), and my heart got super happy at the prospect of teaching youth again.  For the last couple years, as I taught my favorite group of youth girls in the universe, I don’t think I truly appreciated the opportunity…the chance to be a part of their lives.  While I always loved it, I didn’t recognize it as a special treat for me.  

Now I do.  

I feel so blessed by my Father who loves me and knows my heart’s desires even better than I know them.  Monday afternoons are officially my favorite time of the week.  I already love those girls and am in awe that I get to teach them and love them and enjoy their youth-filled jokes and laughter every. single. week.  


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