They aren’t in High School anymore…

There is a group of college students that used to be high schoolers (I know.  Stating the obvious), and when they were high schoolers, we spent a lot of time with them.  They were the first ones we “graduated” out of youth group.  They are the first ones that tugged our hearts in a different direction because we couldn’t imagine youth group without them involved.  Little did we know, they would always be “ours”.  



With a doorbell surprise, we received this box we knew nothing about.  It was beat to pieces, but hanging on by a thin thread.  Inside were the most lovely things…



Oreos.  Tea.  Mayonnaise.  Brownies.  Cake.  Pajamas filled with love and memories.




And then there was this.  Tucked deep inside the box was an envelope made of brightly colored duck (duct?) tape.  Instantly, Gracie’s eyes lit up and she knew.  It was from her best friend, and I just know, as tears filled my eyes, that her heart was pounding and she was indescribably excited.  Her sisters stopped what they were doing to watch, and Gracie gently lifted its flap…


Oh the suspense!


Looks like Molly made some gifts for all the girls!  And the smiles abound!


I’m certain this is not what Molly intended it to be, but this is Ellie…I believe they are actually bracelets.  Gracie got a friendship bracelet (that I failed to photograph) that matches Molly’s and Kelsie’s bracelets so she can be connected to them from across the ocean.  She wears it everyday, and I know she misses them both everyday with a longing that most of us can’t even understand.  Forever heart friends don’t come about often, and I pray that these girls will continue to hold onto their bond regardless of distance.


My most favorite part of the box were the letters.  Gracie got a letter that she devoured and Joni wrote us all a letter, a really long handwritten letter that blessed my soul.


Thank you so much for continuing to love us!


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