They are HERE!!

running to papaMy parents are here.  In China.  AT MY HOUSE!

An elite team (only the best get to come here.  Ha!) from my parents club is coming to our future island to catch the vision.  They will go around to a few cities and see the work that is happening, hopefully getting a fire lit in their hearts to come back and work alongside a team there.  My mom and dad came a few days early so they could visit us at our house before they fly to the sunny, tropical paradise next week.

Hugging PapaAs you know, we had the awesome wonder and pleasure of having my mama here for 6 weeks this summer, but we haven’t seen my daddy for almost 10 months!!  We were all missing his hugs and goofiness, and “Papa-ness”.  We didn’t meet them at the airport this time because of logistical reasons, but we were definitely eagerly awaiting them outside our apartment!  We were so excited that our dog groomer (Meili had to look her best for the grandparents) caught on to our excitement and was jumping with joy alongside us as they pulled up.Running to Ma

They, of course, were just as thrilled to run to “Ma” as they were to my dad.  No matter how short or long the time away has been, she is one of their very favorite people.  Notice the great boots she is sporting.  Those are a labor of love, right there.  She wore them because they were too heavy with all the other stuff they brought to fit in the luggage, and she knew I was truly missing my boots.  She has the blisters to prove her love to me, not that I ever doubted it for a second…


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