Love Boxes

The Binghams Brought it AGAIN


If you remember from the last box my aunt sent, we got gifts for every holiday except Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Those were in this box, and man!  We celebrated in style.  This was Halloween.  They even screamed “Trick or Treat!!”, because, more than likely, it will be the only time they say it this year.  I’m pretty sure they got enough candy and snacks to share with the entire child population in our city…Nanny2

Excited doesn’t begin to be an emotional enough word to relay how happy they were to get their favorite treats.  And the fact that were wrapped makes them even happier.  Gracie was giving the fist pump to CROUTONS.  I’m sure every child loves croutons.  Right?!


Gracie got my tastebuds, so her treats were making me salivate, but stingy britches doesn’t want to share.  Good thing she goes to school all day and can’t take her cookies and croutons with her…


When Faith told me she likes this candy, she didn’t know the name, so she described it as those flat minty candies with chocolate.  I think she hid hers too.  You’d think someone has stolen their candy or something in the past!  Sheesh.


Gracie, who doesn’t eat veggies, loves Caesar salad, so her dressing with come in very handy with her croutons. And Cam.  He doesn’t stand a chance with those Butterfingers…


My aunt.  Oh that lady.  She really thinks that Little Debbie white fancy cakes are the same as Christmas Tree cakes.  I laughed so hard at her note on the box, and I even ate one right away, and I don’t want to admit they do indeed taste the same minus the crunchy little sprinkles.  I will never be able to eat another without this sweet memory surfacing.  And the games for Thanksgiving!  She knew we would be without blood family, and wrote a note about having fun with family anyway by playing all these games with special snacks.  Made me look forward to game night!


My parents got a present too.  They were instructed to make cupcakes with the girls before they leave.  Oh the suffering that will bring.  Ha!  We have played Clue too many times to count, and Gracie thinks she must win every time.  But when I play, I win, so she has to eat defeat.  It’s a sweet thing, being victorious over the one who won’t share her cookies with the woman who gave birth to her.


Polly has come to China.  In a convertible packed with clothes.  I’m sure Ellie’s little face looking on was a tiny bit envious…


Gracie was loaded up with clothes that a teenager would wear (I am so not ready for this!), and I really want to steal the shirt in the middle.  Faith and Ellie both got soft, fuzzy robes that they wear more like jacket when they are in the house.  I love them, and Ellie especially loves hers.  She doesn’t want to take it off.  She has it on when she wakes up, she puts it back on after she gets dressed, and puts it on again after her nightly shower.  So, I wonder, how often should I wash it??


Ellie wanted to be the last to open her presents so everyone would give her their undivided attention.  I don’t know where she came from.  Seriously, I don’t.  Check out her little white high heels that my mom brought her.  She won’t take them off…this could be a problem on Monday morning when they have to go back to school…


I got a cake pop pan that I am sure someday will be used for cake pops, but mostly I plan to use it for donut holes.  I made some yesterday, and they were fabulous!  I am super excited about this.  And Cam is sporting some Texas pride.  He has already had lots of comments on his hat, and I, as his most valuable wife, really love him in it.  In the back of my memory, in some forgotten corner, I feel like he had a similar hat when we first met and I was all googly-eyed over him.  Maybe he didn’t, but either way, it makes me feel some butterflies when he turns it around backwards.


And this little princess, while we were all focusing our attention on her, opened these fabulous dresses.  Which go perfectly with her high heels and make her seem entirely too grown up.

Again, we truly enjoyed the thoughtfulness of my aunt’s shopping, and the willingness of my uncle to open his wallet to spoil us.  I am not sure I have felt more spoiled in my entire life than I have in the past 10 months by all of the people who have sent us box after box of love.


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