Goodbyes don’t get easier


Faith made a really good friend last year that was truly an answer to many prayers.  This year, her best friend moved to Alaska.  There were tears at their goodbye last June, but we knew there would be one last chance for them to play in September.  The time came a few weeks ago, and when their eyes saw each other, they both started running with arms open.  I would be lying if I didn’t admit to my eyes filling up with unshed tears as I saw them embrace like the long lost friends they were.  We got to spend most of the day with Emily, and the girls made the most of it!  We decided to take them to the bamboo park across the street to play…we hadn’t been yet, but a friend said it was fabulous fun…she forgot to tell me just how dirty they would be though…


The bamboo was really tall and planted in little pens, so it was super concentrated.  I have no idea what this place is supposed to be, but I highly doubt it was meant for a bunch of little kids to climb on and over.

bamboo3We even brought Meili.  She ran her little heart out, and I really thought she wasn’t going to make it home.  She slept good that night though!

bamboo2There were multiple “groupings” of trees/sticks/whatever you wish to label them.  The girls made it a race to get through all the obstacles the fastest.  I got tired just watching them…

bamboo1There was seriously a lot of room to play.  If this was in America it would not only be a lawsuit waiting to happen, but I’m sure the builders would have had to foresight to place a bench nearby so the lazy parents could sit and watch…

bamboo7Look at this face.  It used to be white…and look at those muscles in her legs!  Forgive the shorty shorts…she wore her pajamas out to play and not only are they last years shorts, but I didn’t notice until we were too far from home to go back…

bamboo 6Do you see the filth?!  I didn’t want to let them in the house!  They came in, headed straight for the shower, then, after they were clean, put on swimsuits and played mermaids in the blow-up swimming pool that we use as a bathtub 🙂  I think they made some good memories, and we are hopeful that when we return to Texas, we can meet up again for them to make even more.


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