Love Boxes

Mensingers sang it BIG

Cam’s best friend got his club together and organized a huge blessing that he sent our way.  This is only part of the extraordinary amount of wonderfulness we received.  The other part is unopened, waiting for us to get it from another city, so we can open and revel in its glory.

Josh1Cameron had grand plans for the reveal of these action packers contents.  So we stood around waiting for his instruction, being impatient in the most patient of ways.  I thought it was funny that the camera captured how Cam can’t talk without his hands…goes on my list of things to love about him.  And maybe to poke fun at him for.  But not in front of anyone…except you, of course.

Josh2Ellie was thrilled to find this gigantic box of Goldfish.  If I’m honest, so was I…because Goldfish make language learning way more fun!  And I know there is blur, but squint your eyes and imagine the weight of the super heavy TORTILLA PRESS I am holding!!  This will make my life so much easier.  And will allow tortillas to make an appearance a lot more often.

Josh3Cam is ready to impress the Chinese baseball fanatics with his legit (that word is just for Josh’s benefit) gear.  And do you see what I have?  Oh yeah.  Starbucks coffee beans.  Fuel for everyday living.  And that last one…it’s Cam trying to figure out the tortilla press. I hope that means he will want to use it.  Maybe even without me.

josh4I love this top left picture…it defines us, I feel.  We are together, loving being together, but all doing different things.  Or maybe it is just me doing my own thing.  Ha!  I do love to read.  And I love to read with my loves around me.  I also love A-1.  Maybe more than reading.  But it looks like Cam might not want to share with me…there were cheers when we saw the A-1!  And notice he still has his glove on…josh6

There were so many games!  Mario Kart was a HUGE hit.  The girls have loved playing it (so has Cam!), and the gloves are beautifully pink and soft and make great face masks.  Hopefully they got hand/eye coordination skills from their Dad…

josh5See the concentration and the fun??  I haven’t played yet.  I’d hate to beat them and ruin the fun, so I will wait a little bit.  It is also the middle of the day and Ellie is in a robe…and Cam is still in an undershirt.  We may be becoming Chinese…

IMG_6686Check it out!  I had to be Chinese here too and throw out the “Victory” peace sign (we say peace sign, but they say it is a victory sign).  Love our hats!  I plan to match Cam every chance I get.  I am sure he will love it.  Really.  Maybe as much as Ellie loves her Joshua, Bruce Family, camo shirt. 😉

JoshWoohoo!!  Cam will for sure be able to run faster and jump higher in those neon kicks.  I’m actually a little envious of those shoes, but I will bake my sorrows away in…my new pan (say that like a game show host and it will sound really cool.  I promise.)!  I have really missed my mini muffin pan, and cookie racks are such a must.  I didn’t even realize I used them that often in the states, but I must have because it seems like every time I baked something, I was wishing I had these.

Thanks so much for all the love Josh, Robin, Kelsey, Katie, Zeth, and Ovilla Family!


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