Love Boxes


Jaymie3I told you I was blessed beyond measure when it came to my friends.  This is my best friend.  I have known her for almost 12 years, and we are so alike it’s scary.  She is the one I can be a complete and utter dork with and still feel cool.  See that first picture?  We have the best friend charm.  You know the one.  The broken heart.  We got it before I moved here despite the laughs of our husbands and them calling us junior highers.  We were okay with that because it is something neither of us had in junior high, and well, because it did feel like our hearts were breaking.  One of my favorite memories of Jaymie is one of us in college.  We were new friends and were in the same math class.  We stopped before going into our class to take a test, sat on a couch and prayed together.  She is the first friend I ever did that with.  I love her a ridiculous amount and am so thankful He put us together.  She continually, as in monthly, sends me boxes of love.

jaymie2This box had birthday presents in it.  It was like a new wardrobe!  I got tanks and sweaters, jeans and a scarf.  Abundant.  But that is Jay.  She doesn’t do anything that isn’t over and beyond.  She’s like Texas hair…bigger and better.  Every month there is something special for me from her.  She loves to give gifts, and I truly love her gifts!

Jaymie1Not only does Jay bless us, her club is involved.  They are excited to support us and constantly supply needs and wants that arise.  Before we came, they overwhelmingly gave.  They supplied us coats and shoes and rain gear and sheets and everything else that was on my list of things to get before moving.  It was touching.  It was humbling.  It was a true act of sacrifice that we are daily thankful for.  Northridge will always be a part of our story, and we are so thankful for their giving hearts.


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