Mom and Dad


My parents sacrificed to come.  I know it is kind of a given that if someone travels overseas, they are sacrificing something, but it is more than just time and money.  The preparations steal your time beforehand, and logistics can be a nightmare.  You give up creature comforts and enter in an unknown territory where anything can happen.games and dadThings like playing games with ridiculous looking headbands on your head in order to please your grandkids.  Things like personal space when you visit grandkids is totally wiped out.  Even your bedtime sleeping space will no longer be your own.  I know my parents would do it all again (I hope!) and that they don’t see it as a sacrifice, but I want to acknowledge that they really did a lot to be able to come here to spend time with us…to love on us…to bring us loads and loads of goodies.  And our hearts are full.

donutsOur bellies are too.  My mama and I decided we really needed some donuts, so we tackled the homemade yeast donut.  It took a few hours, but the results were amaaaaaazing.  They were like real donuts!  So awesome.

scooterThis was also awesome.  Or hilarious.  Or maybe both.  I am so shocked that my Dad was willing to get on the scooter behind Cam, not once, but multiple times!  It just cracked me up.  And the pretty lady?  She was a bride!  We went to lunch one afternoon, and the restaurant was hosting a wedding and put us at a table right behind the guests.  The bride came over and gave us wedding favors.  What was really cool about it though was these people were believers, so their music was praise and worship music.

flipflopsAnd I can’t forget another birthday present from my sister (the brother’s wife).  I really love them, and they sparkle, which makes me so happy every time I wear them!  I like them even more when I look down and see my adorable pedicure that I got with my mom.  And because she is indecisive, she changed her color choices after she saw mine and we now match.  There are so many memories we got to make with my parents, and I know that when I pass those places, eat the food, play the games, they will be remembered.  I know I am one lucky girl to have gotten not one, but two visits from my mom (and I count my dad too!) in a span of 3 months.  So thankful.


3 thoughts on “Mom and Dad

  1. Steph – I am loving reading along and learning about your new life. I’m so happy our folks were able to visit. What a great tribute you’ve written. It looks like a fantastic time.


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