Love Boxes

The ones from whom Cam came

kelly1Cam’s Mom and Dad put together a load of things to spoil us and sent it with my parents when they came.  We have PopTarts and seasonal cupcakes and candy, and treats that we wouldn’t ask for, but make us feel warm and fuzzy and spoiled.  Cam and I got new flipflops, because, well, I guess the ground here must eat them up because this is the FIRST time we have actually needed new flipflops.  Mine are worn completely down with no squishyness under the toes anymore, only the sole.  Cam’s too.  Cam seems super excited about his shoes, and he does really like them (they are much nicer than his old ones!) but he is laughing because he was doing totally inappropriate things for the camera like some obnoxious child.  Not that Cam could ever be obnoxious.  Definitely not him…

Kelly 2Doe you see it?  It’s my favorite Oreos (well, they are tied with Christmas ones).  And you know what?  My monsters children ate all but 5 of them!  I only got FIVE Oreos out of the entire package!  And I know Kelly sent them for me.  Only for me.  I just know it.

kelly4There was also a Christmas-y smelling candle, some air freshener that I sprays and sniffed and almost died from (but I wouldn’t died with the smell of pumpkins!), and a birthday present for me.  I love birthday presents.  Have I told you that?  I also love my in-laws, and I know not everybody can say that.  They are truly great, and I am a better woman for having them in my life!


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