The Pandas

We have been waiting since we got here to visit the Pandas until we could go with my mom and dad.  My dad likes zoos more than any kid I know, so we really wanted to experience this with him!pandas2Chengdu is the home of the Pandas.  There is a big reserve here that breeds pandas and is a lot like a zoo with only pandas.  It was beautiful and huge and more crowded than could ever be called comfortable.  It was the national holiday (my birthday) and unbeknownst to me it must have been the prearranged day for all people to go see the pandas.

pandas1Look at those babies!!  They were SO tiny, and well worth (mostly) the invasion of our personal space to see these precious little bears that looked like toys.  Then you see big ol’ MacDaddy chomping on his bamboo.  They actually strip the outer covering of the branch and eat the inside.  It was fascinating to see, and also fascinating to see just how fat these bears are!  You would think they’d be lean and mean with that diet…

pandas3I loved the red pandas.  They are adorable!  The one on the far right escaped from his fence and was walking around.  Look how close he is to Gracie’s shoes!  It is a little disturbing that there were signs everywhere saying how mean and temperamental these creatures are.  It said to be quiet and not to disturb them…yet we were 6 inches from one…we are choosing not to really think about it…


2 thoughts on “The Pandas

  1. Wow – this looks like a great day! The pandas are adorable – you did a great job of capturing them. We waited in line for over an hour to see a Panda which was visiting Tokyo – they closed before we saw it. ::snort::


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