Effie’s Hair Salon

The girls and I went on a little hair salon date last week while Cam was away.  There was a new salon opening, so they sold these cards for 20 yuan (about $3) that got you TWO washes and cuts.  Of course I bought 6 of them (they were buy 5, get 1 free too!).  Hair washes over here are something of a legend.  You can go just about anywhere and for less than $5 get a 30-40 minute hair wash and head massage.  They also blow dry your hair.  It is heavenly and perfect on the days when you just need to relax!

haircut1The girls all brought their iPods, because, well, because apparently a half hour hair washing is torture for them.  Ha!  And usually, they have a a pretty long wait after they are done waiting for me.  Gracie told that this time it was fabulously wonderful.  I’m pretty sure she is growing up and recognizing what is good.  Ha!

haircut2Gracie decided to drastically cut her hair.  I call her brave.  She found a picture and showed the man, trying to describe any changes uses gestures (remember we can’t speak to him in the same language!).  I thought he looked a little showy as he cut in his pink glittered high tops from the 80’s.  He did a truly great job, which we are so relieved and happy about.

haircut3Here is the cute result for Gracie.  She loves it!  I took this picture of Faith so you could see the poster behind her.  The examples of hairstyles and make-up in this place were seemingly from the set of Hunger Games.  The majority of stylists had pink hair…it definitely was a place for cutting edge styles.





4 thoughts on “Effie’s Hair Salon

  1. Gracie’s hair is beautiful!

    And that seems like a good place for me. I could have purple highlights and no one would question me about it LOL


  2. Gracie, I love your new hair cut! Wish I could get a shampoo and head message for $3. That is so awesome that all you girls can do these fun tithings together! Building memories! Love you all and prayed for your coming day to be a great day and for the language to come easy.


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