A birthday celebration

We had some friends over to celebrate his birthday American style.  We asked what his favorite food was, and he told us a few things.  Ha!  We ended up making pizza (pepperoni and hawaiian), cheeseticks with marinara sauce, grilled wings BWW style (thanks to some great wing sauce!), and french fries.  And cake.  Chocolate cake.  It was quite a spread of fattening, yummy food, and judging by the fact that there was none leftover, I would say it was accepted well!Peiran1We hung the birthday banner and blew up balloons, because the girls insisted a birthday could not be a birthday without both of those things.  Of course.Peiran2I was frying the best fries in China when Faith really had to tell me a story.  I’m sure the story was as awesome as her big grin.  Well, probably not that good, because her smile lights up a room.Peiran3This is mainly for documentation for the purpose of showing her first serious boyfriend.  He has to know what he is getting into, and I just want to help out.  I am sure she will never outgrow her antics though.  Her personality is way too fun to be hidden or changed.  Just like Cam will always be a master griller.  It’s just who they are.Peiran4My girls love our friends.  She actually works at their school, and in the mornings, we can see them trying to convince her that she really should sit with them on the school bus.  It warms my heart to see them so taken with friends over here who are different from any friends we have ever known before.

IMG_7236People here have cakes just like we do in America, with candles and wishes and gifts, but he seemed so surprised!  This cake was my favorite chocolate cake, but because we, apparently, like to eat things with an overload of sugar, and this country doesn’t, I toned it down a bit by filling it with sweetened whipped cream and topping it with what was supposed to be chocolate whipped cream, but turned out more like mousse.  It was soooo good.  Think light and airy ding-dong.  It was an accidental, last minute cake that may have been the ugliest one I have ever made (another story, another day), so I am not sure it is reproduce-able, but I will most certainly try!

Peiran5He was making a wish, and it took a really long time, so we started laughing, then he wanted to tell us his wish, but we wouldn’t let him, and then the candles wouldn’t blow out, and it became one of those belly laugh moments that you think back on and giggle when you are alone, so you get stared at by strangers and laugh harder.  Almost as great as that run-on sentence.  Really.

The whole night ended up being really great.  And if you knew how the day started and how awful my attitude was going into the evening, you would be as surprised as I was by the outcome.  There really is something to say about serving regardless of your “want to”.  Serving someone else will always end up with you being blessed far more than they.


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