Book Character Day

IMG_7266Instead of Halloween and loads of candy, the girls had book character day at school.  I LOVED it!  They had to think about books that they liked and who they could dress as with what we had in the house.  We thought and thought and started to plan, then got letters on the Monday before the big day that let us know each class had a theme.  Whaaaatttt??  Good thing I hadn’t done any work yet!  Ha!

IMG_7267Ellie’s class had an Underwater theme.  She wanted to be Ariel, so I started looking around the house and online for ideas on how to pull off an Ariel costume with no Hobby Lobby or Target on the continent.  I pulled out a roll of teal tulle (my favorite) that my mom just happened to bring me and quickly made her a tutu.  I planned to make some purple seashells to attach to her purple halter top shirt and even found these arm covers that were teal with flowers inside, making them look all underwater-y.  However, true to Ellie, she changed her mind the morning of.  She has done this every. single. Halloween of her life.  So, with her tutu on the floor, she went for a dressed up Ariel.  Basically, she wanted to wear the beautiful dress my aunt sent her and the white high heels my mom spoiled her with.  She asked for makeup (blush) and curled hair.  The results left me with a little girl who didn’t look so little, and my heart may have broken a little bit.

IMG_7268Gracie’s class had a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs theme.  She took the opportunity to thrill my heart and dress as a cupcake.  Again, cruel and unusual punishment is making a costume with no Hobby Lobby.  Luckily, we have a bookstore downstairs that has all sorts of random stuff like hula hoops, balloons, and poster board.  And, again, I had some tulle that mom threw in the box to bring.  So thankful!  She turned out super cute and even won one of four awards at school for best costume!


Faith’s class used Narnia for their theme.  I am not a Narnia reader.  Just not my cup of tea.  So, that meant I had NO clue what to do to help her out!  I asked some friends who gave me some great ideas and started to think of some possibilities when she came home with a big blue piece of fabric her teacher had given her.  She said her teacher told her she could be a water fairy.  Ummm…okay?  I hear fairy and think wings.  So, I pulled some wings out that I had picked up at IKEA for a Christmas gift  and gave those to her.  She had a crown because a few weeks earlier I was in a generous mood and bought a crown for all the little girls in our group here when I saw them at a local store.  Hers happened to be blue.  She dressed in her frilly blue skirt and we wrapped her in the fabric.  I am not real sure what a water fairy is, but I am pretty sure it is nothing like this.  However, she looked adorable and felt great about her outfit, which is all that matters to me!


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