I am so thankful for these parks

The weekend we were supposed to be in Sanya, you know, the weekend my parents were flying back to America without our last hugs, we visited a really great park.  It was so needed that week and such a good reminder to me to find beauty and to see HIM in spite of myself and my bad attitude.


I love the picture of Ellie because it is a picture of how I feel about fishing.  Don’t get me wrong, I think fishing is fun when the fish are biting, but I am a fair-weather girl.  If the fish are uninterested, then so I am.  Ellie wasn’t catching anything, and her chin was in her hand…she was giving up.  Lucky for her, Cam stepped in the picture, and, of course, he caught a fish for her in 2.2 seconds.  He was totally in his element in this overcrowded fishing pond.  I think, if it weren’t for me and a schedule for later that afternoon, they would have stayed all day!


I was cheesing it up just as much as the girls were as they caught fish.  You’d have thought they won the Superbowl singlehandedly the way we were all grinning.  But, those grins weren’t wasted, as many people were taking pictures of the foreigners in their land.


She still loves fishing.  We have pictures of her at all ages fishing and doing outdoor things.  I wonder if it will change?  She (or her sisters for that matter) are certainly not grossed out by stinky Chinese bait or taking the fish off the hooks.  In fact, they weren’t even interested in washing their hands afterward.  I was using up all the antibacterial gel just watching and imagining the slime and goop that was being transferred to their hands every time they took a fish off the hook or added fresh bait or even petted the little darlings in their red bucket.


Faith was the queen of the pond.  She was reeling them in!  I love that she did it all with a purse on.  A perfect mix of girly and…not girly.


And the wildlife we saw!  The bare booty is for your benefit.  It never gets old, and we always laugh when we see bare cheeks, but it is a multiple times a day occurrence.  You really would think there weren’t public bathrooms nearby…


There were also paddle boats.  The girls each had a turn driving and peddling us around the pond.


Cam and I got to enjoy the scenery without any work.  It was fabulous.  Almost like a date, except for the 3 little girls who couldn’t stop giggling, of course.


I almost forgot we were in China, but then we would catch a glimpse of a traditional building and remember where we were.  And why we are here.  And how these people have a sense of art that we didn’t see too often in America.

IMG_7117And back to the fishing one more time because I love this picture.  I love the smile on Ellie’s face and the studious look on Faith’s.  And I really love that Cam is teaching them.  He isn’t doing it for them, but he is there, with them, helping them.  What a picture of what our Father does for us!


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