Notes from home

dana1Letters from home are always so fun to read!  We got our first envelope of letters a few weeks ago (one other envelope has been sent but never seen…) from Tim, Dana, Kerri, and Nikki.  The girls, and, who are we kidding, Cam and I were SO excited!

ImageWe each got our own letters, and some of us had joy bubbling inside that was leaking out as we read them over and over again.

ImageOthers were very serious and intent on devouring each and every written word.

ImageAnd others wanted help reading the beautiful loopy writing.

ImageI love that they sat in a circle with everything in the middle and there was…silence.

ImageThen the pictures took us back and made us remember, and there were stories told and giggles heard.  My heart was full with the remembrance of what a blessed life we have lived.  How were we the fortunate ones who got to live life with so many people we truly love?


A few days after the envelope arrived, the most beautiful box we have received arrived.  Not only was it pink and covered in daisies, it had a note that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPHANIE.  I mean, what else could be better?! 😉mybox2Inside, were gifts.  Special gifts.  An owl necklace to remind me of home, because our hearts will always partially belong to the home of the Owls (Joshua, TX).  A Vera coffee cup with a note tucked inside to remind me of my favorite Kerri who knows my favorite things.  Serendipity spices because the name is fun and because it is a throwback to Dana and all the things we love about her.  Pankits because I am an awful pancake maker and Dana knows this.  And because it reminds me of breakfast by the pool that I’m not sure we ever got to have.  Heart post-its because the whole box was packed with love.  It was the best belated birthday gift I could ever ask for, and I love the senders with all my heart!


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