Sanya. Finally.

Because we have the best bosses around, who want to bless us and encourage us, and who see us, and by us, I mean me, falling apart, they sent us back to Sanya the week after the airport puking incident.  The point was to see where we will eventually get to live and get a feel for it.  I fell in love.sanya1The food wasn’t too different than the food we have here, but the noodle shop had these burger things that were mouth watering good.  I can’t wait to have those on a weekly basis!Sanya2We also had some ice cream that was made in front of us on a frozen metal thing.  We chose the fruit, they blended it, added some sugary cream stuff, and handed it to us.  We had mango, pineapple, banana.  It was good, but I wasn’t ready to replace my chocolate ice cream with it.  Then we went back, and Gracie got an apple/orange one.  Oh wow.  It was so refreshing and wonderful, and I can’t wait for more of it!  sanya3The beach made the girls so happy.  Faith was in seashell heaven, and Ellie got a little exuberant in her sand playing and ended up needing help getting it off her face, but it didn’t even slow her down.  They love the beach and everything about it.  This got their hearts a little more ready to leave the school they love and the friends they adore.sanya4

The day we spent at the pretty beach was beautiful!  The other days were a little overcast, but this day was all blue skies and full sun.  It was fabulous!  Our other bosses traveled down to spend half a day with us and meet the girls.  They made quite the impression when the came bearing pink sand toys.  It was a relaxing day that settled my heart and gave me lots to look forward to in the future.sanya5These are some random phone shots…well, all the pictures are random phone shots because I remembered the camera when we arrived the airport.  Hate it when that happens!  The first picture, if you squint just right, you will see it…we are sitting on the floor indian style around a low table.  There was a hole we could put our legs into if we didn’t want to sit cross legged, but it was too fun not to!  We had sweet and sour something and some candied potatoes and a little bit of chinese tortilla things.  They need Rosas to come give lessons!  Ha!  It was super neat experience, and I am sure a place we will return to often.  The second picture was just pretty.  The palm trees, the water in the background.  It’s an island kind of life.

While we were in our future city, we scoped out the grocery stores and availability of butter, because, well, that is important!  We visited a few markets and went to the city beach (not the pretty touristy one, but the one where locals go).  One evening, we went down after dark and the girls played tag in the sand while Cam and I sat on the steps and talked to the people around us.  It was relaxing, nice, and I hope a glimpse of what life will be like in a year or so.  We really enjoyed our time there and came back refreshed and ready to study hard in order to move there!  However, that said, I want to say how much we really do love the city we are in.  It is convenient and big and full of so many people who have become family.  I know when the day comes for us to say goodbye, there will be tears and promises of visits to see one another again.  We aren’t quite ready to end this chapter and start a new one, but we do know that the next chapter is definitely something to look forward to!



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