Thanksgiving 2013

ImageOur Thanksgiving holiday started with presents from my aunt, Nanny.  She sent them back in October, but there were notes saying they couldn’t be opened until November.  Who knew cinnamon potpourri could make a house so homey?!

ImageWe had about 30 people in our home for Thanksgiving.  They were all Americans (except for one who claims to be Canadian, but I really think she is a Texan) and 2 local people, but we pretend they are American because they…well, because they are just like us, I guess…

ImageI didn’t really know what to expect, but my expectations were low.  I mean, we are on the Asian continent, after all.  I had thoughts of turkey that is like the beef here…thin, chewy, and barely able to call it beef.  I thought for sure the sides would be good, but not the same as home.

ImageI couldn’t have been more wrong.  It was FABULOUS.  All of it.  We had so much food that I think we all gained weight and still had to take leftovers home.  The food was seriously out of this world.  The turkey was cooked to perfection and the dressing may have been the best I have ever eaten!  That is saying a lot, because my Mama makes a mean dressing!

ImageWe didn’t have room for the desserts, so they had to be hidden away until after we stuffed ourselves.  Then, when we brought them out, we had a hard time fitting them all on the table!  There were so many.  And they were all delicious!  So delicious, in fact, that many had to be eaten for breakfast in the following days.  I mean, someone had to sacrifice right?!

ImageThanksgiving this year was unlike any we have had before.  There are so many things that we see now that we didn’t stop and take the time to notice before, that are true gifts from our Father.  Sometimes it takes leaving all the things we took for granted to realize just how blessed we are.


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