Baby Love turned 7

ImageLet me just tell you about this “school party”.  I have never felt more out of the loop and “mommy fail” than I did this day.  Ellie asked me to bring cupcakes to her class.  She wanted chocolate cupcakes with mint chocolate chip frosting.  So, I baked, loaded up and took the almost hour long bus to celebrate with her classmates.  Imagine my surprise when another student also had a birthday that day.  You see, there are 2 first grade classes, but they are in one room separated by a sink.  When I looked over and saw her two tiered cake with tiny little dwarfs and mushrooms crafted out of modeling chocolate, complete with candles, punch, fruit, and party favors, I felt embarrassed. Here I was with cupcakes.  Just cupcakes.  Nothing fancy or even pretty!  The other birthday girl wanted everyone to sing to her, so we all sang to her, then they all sang to Ellie.  Only Ellie didn’t have candles to blow out afterward.  Needless to say, I got out of there as fast as I could.  Ellie was pleased and didn’t care one bit that her classmate had a big, beautiful spread.  She was just happy I came.

ImageExcuse that all of these pictures are out of order.  Let your mind rearrange the sequence of events after you read through them 🙂  Ellie wanted to have a sleepover for her party this year…with an owl theme.  We had some more photo props that were, once again, a lot of fun to play with!

ImageSince it was at night, we decided to do the cake by glowstick.  All the lights were off, and it was definitely a fun way to do candles!

ImageMore fun with photo props and a little bit of a fashion show in between.  The big pink owl pillow was their party favor.  I found them online for super cheap and couldn’t resist!

ImageWe played a game that they had to act out different movies and people.  It was hilarious watching them do their best to act things out.  The two teams were neck in neck and almost tied the game!  It was close!  At bedtime, they all decided to read books.  It made my heart race to hear Ellie reading to her best friend.  So thankful.

ImagePin the bow on the owl.  I think they really just like being blindfolded and spun in circles.  We should invent a new game that only does that…

ImageThat is her owl cake and owl cookies.  The middle picture are her school friends that rode the bus home with her.  Two other friends met them at the bus stop at our house.  Ellie is one blessed little girl when it comes to friends!  The game on the right was a human web.  It was confusing and hard and the best part was throwing yarn.  You win some, you lose some.  This one wasn’t a great choice.  Ha!

ImageEllie got a box a few days before her birthday.  It about killed her to not open her presents early!!  Her cousins sent her some pictures and a little doll toy that she did get early.  She carries it around and loves it.  Christmas presents came in the box too, so our tree doesn’t look so empty now!

ImageEllie got a new baby doll that she names Julie Ranelle Strange.  Some flashcards to help her read that she loves to do.  A card with cupcakes that made me happy to see.  She also got some glittery silver Sperry’s, crafts, and a bottle sucker (this made her day!).  I’m not sure why I don;t have pictures of that, but I do know that my girls have the best grandparents around!

ImageI can’t believe my baby is 7!  How did that happen?!  Her presents looked so pretty sitting there that I really don’t blame her for wanting to dig into them early.

ImageI love to see Ellie’s surprised face.  She was very excited about this pony doll.  And the money that fell out of the card in the last picture.  Ha!

ImageThese are her friends.  They all have such unique and fun personalities!  It is great to see them interact and joke together.

ImageHer friends are a lot like her and can’t be serious.  The hugging picture is her bestie Lydia.  She is half Chinese/half English and has the most adorable accent ever.  I love to listen to her talk.  All of these girls were so well behaved and wonderful.  We had a great time!

ImageWhen they got home from school, we started with cookies and hot chocolate.  Each girl had a pink cup with built in straw and got to make their own chocolate.  Let the sugar high begin!


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