It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I usually put my tree up on Thanksgiving Day as soon as the kitchen is cleaned.  If we had plans to be somewhere other than near home on Thanksgiving, I would put it up before.  I just love Christmas decorations and twinkle lights!  However, this year, I had to wait until the day AFTER Thanksgiving.  At night.  Sheesh. ImageAs  soon as out Thanksgiving guests left and I had the house put back into order, I dragged out the decorations.  We put Elf on the tv and got into the jolly spirit of the season.

ImageThe girls love to decorate as much as I do, so they were all about helping.  To make it even more festive, they decorated in their pajamas.

ImageThe action packer full of Christmassy things was lugged into the room, and the excitement of revealing all of our ornaments had us all in smiles.  There is something about unwrapping our favorite ornaments that just makes family close.  Without a Hobby Lobby, we have to use what we have around the house to make things look “normal”.  So, a friend had sent me this red deco mesh that I had no idea what to do with.  The mess on top of the tree is what it turned into.  I reminds me of a gigantic tulle bow and makes me a little happy when I see it now.

ImageMy aunt, once again, had presents to start Christmas.  The girls each got a new ornament.  They thought starting the season by opening a present was probably the best idea ever.  Makes me thankful for an aunt who wanted to spoil us.

ImageEach girl worked until all the ornaments were on the tree.  In usual fashion, Ellie’s were all in one grouping.  I tried moving some to spread them out, but she went all bonkers on me because they were perfect.  I think next year she needs her own tree…

We started doing something a little different this year with our family time and the month in general.  We have a calendar that has a pocket for every day.  In each pocket is a tag that has some sort of activity on it.  Some are easy, like sharing memories, while others take more effort, like blessing someone with a treat.  We also do an advent devotion each evening as a family so we can see the progression of promises from our King.  My favorite night was when we shared our favorite memories of Christmas.  Not one of our girls named gifts.  Ellie’s favorite is putting ornaments on the tree and getting a new ornament every year.  Faith’s favorite is being with family.  Gracie’s favorite is being with cousins and grandparents.  One of them will get to experience their favorite this year, and the others will get to learn how to do Christmas with new family and friends.  And FaceTime.  We will always have FaceTime.

Christmas here is different.  It isn’t bad different, but at times it is definitely hard.  I’m not sure my heart has longed for home as much as it has this season.  But in the same breath that I say I want to go home, I am saying how great it is to share the reason for the season.  People are so open to the true story.  Transitioning into Truth is easier than it has ever been before.  We will share and praise Him through the aches of being far away.  We will press on and persevere and find joy that only comes from Above.


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