A big decision

Life sometimes throws you a curveball and our instinct is to freak out instead of patiently keeping our eye on the ball.  We have been patient in the midst of all our freakouts over the past 10 days (mostly).  We have been waiting on Father to direct our paths and tell us what to do, when everything in us was screaming to leave.  Leave right now!  Through the wisdom of leaders and graciousness of our company, we are heading to America on December 31.  We will spend 2 months there loving our families and calming our hearts.  Our return flight is February 26.  When the decision was made to go, an instant peace flooded our hearts.  It was an overwhelming show of how great HE is.  Not only did He grant us wisdom in making a decision, He also has given us what feels like clear direction for the future as well.  At first we were unsure if this trip home was a permanent one, and as we began to prepare ourselves for that, we felt a lot of unrest.  Then, when the peace came, so did excitement about returning.  An excitement we haven’t really felt for the past two months.  We have been in the valley, struggling to be here.  To affirm the excitement that was bubbling about the future, we got our language evaluations back, and much to our great delight and surprise, we had improved!  A lot!  As I sit here writing this, I am in awe of how loving and kind our Father truly is, and how He has proven so faithful to me in times when my doubt was big…when I didn’t deserve it the most.

Texas!!  Here we come!!!


2 thoughts on “A big decision

  1. Reading between the lines I am guessing a health emergency with your mother. Praying for your family as you go home for a couple of months.


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