Our USA box!

A friend of mine from what feels like so long ago, but really isn’t, has been talking about me.  In a good way.  She told her new club about our family, and they started following our blog (don’t even ask about the nerves that flare up when I hear about someone actually reading what I write…).  Well, they were about to ship a box our direction when we got on a plane coming this direction, so they shipped it to us here instead!  What a fun surprise when we found this humongous box on the front porch!

USAboxIt was full of such exciting and fun things!  The cheers didn’t change even though we were in the land of plenty. 🙂USAbox6There were presents just for me…and that speaks my love language, so I had a super warm and fuzzy feeling the rest of the day.  I also immediately changed clothes so I could wear my new sweater.  And coffee.  That is also my language.  Ha!USAbox3There were stickers and craft supplies and more spices than any import store in our city!  Faith found the sprinkles that are little colored balls.  Those are her FAVORITE.  I’m not real sure why she loves them so much, but she always has, and those are the ones she gravitates toward every. single. time. sprinkles are around.USAbox2All the girls got wrapped gifts.  Inside were the cutest, sparkly skirts with matching shirts, a dress, leggings, and another shirt!  Abundant!USAbox5Feast your eyes upon all that goodness!  I have already loaded up and packed this away in a suitcase that comes back with us.  And I know that this all came from the depths of their hearts, because these kind souls have never met us.  The Father laid upon them the burden to bless and encourage us, and they did so in an overwhelming way that spoke to the quiet parts of my heart that needed to hear Him.  Thank you so much!


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