When two worlds collide

I was sitting in a quiet house, all alone, holding the book I’m reading while watching my screen saver of pictures roll across my computer screen, listening to praise music when it dawned on me that this was making my heart burst with gratitude.  These images are the only time that my two worlds collide…the world in Texas with all my family and friends I call family and China with my girls and husband.  Seeing the pictures scroll in random order really portrays who we are.  It brings tears to my eyes to see my girls with the cousins blowing out candles, knowing that that won’t happen many more times before they are grown…seeing International school teachers playing games with my girls…architecture iconic to Asia…the smiles of family….goodbyes with tears…hellos with smiles.  It makes my heart explode for the love we have known and the love we know now.

Today, during class, my tutor and I went to a mutual friend’s house to welcome her new baby to this world.  As I sat and listened to them chatter in Chinese the same way I do with my friends back home, I was awed by how similar we truly are.  When I held that precious baby and felt the heartstrings pull at how much I wanted her, I knew it didn’t matter what language we speak or what color our eyes are or our skin, we are all made up of the same things.  Loved by the same Father.


A bright, clean, beautiful aqua door drew my attention as I walked home, so we went to investigate.  We stumbled into a cookie store, decorated with western decor and boasting claims that all cookies are freshly made with imported ingredients.  We watched the mixer whir and spin and the dough dumped onto the floured surface.  We accepted our free cookie with gratitude, and I made a new friend.  With promises of a return visit and a new online connection to keep in touch, we said goodbye with smiles on our faces.

I may have said goodbye to friends I have known and loved for as long as I can remember when we crossed that ocean of separation, but He has orchestrated opportunities to give me new relationships.  And for this I am thankful.


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