Gracie, Obsessed

The students at Gracie’s school were asked if they were interested in entering a slam poetry contest.  Not many of the students were, but she was one of the few who volunteered.  So, Friday night, we all went to watch her present her original piece of poetry at a local artsy bookshop/pub, called The Bookworm, in a competition.  The judges were two poets, one hilariously awful one (of course this is my opinion…you may have loved him) and one we didn’t hear perform, but know is the slam poetry champion in Australia.   The students in the international schools around us (homeschoolers included) could participate in the event.  They were given a topic on the Monday preceding the competition.  The topic was Obsession.


Gracie took about five minutes and popped a poem out.  A really awful one.  I trashed it and told her to take her time.  Ha!  She finally finished it on Thursday evening, and I couldn’t have been more proud.  Friday afternoon, before the competition, Gracie went to the Bookworm for a workshop on presenting poetry.  Missing half her classes was definitely a positive benefit of the workshop, but I’m sure the experience is also one she isn’t likely to soon forget.

Without further ado, here she is!

She didn’t win in her category; I believe there were eight competitors, but she did a fabulously fantastic job of portraying her obsession with books.  The general consensus among the people there was that she would be a librarian someday…


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