Happy Birthday Cam!!

Even though it was Cam’s birthday, and Ellie really didn’t understand why he had to have class because he “should spend time with his family”, our morning was business as usual (other than the girls being home for spring break).  Lunchtime, though, was a treat!  Our friends invited us over to their house for lunch.  They have an ayi (Chinese house helper) who cooked us a really great lunch!  Cam got to choose the menu, and he wanted jiaozi and fried egg rice.  The food was fabulous and the company was even better.


 I am not a party planner for adults.  I get super stressed about inviting people over, not actually having people over, but having to choose.  I want to invite everyone because, well, because I don’t want anyone to have hurt feelings.  So, we had a family party.  ha!  Cameron wanted cheese dip and chicken nuggets.  We pretend they are deer nuggets, and it makes all of us feel warm and fuzzy.  He didn’t specify the type of cake he wanted, so I chose what I wanted.  I mean, I was making it.  I tried a new recipe for a yellow cake.  It was super moist and fluffy and went perfectly with chocolate frosting!


Presents are another things I don’t do well for Cameron.  I pretty much bomb out on his birthdays!  This year, my mom and grandma were proactive about his presents so I have had them since Mom came in October.  Ellie and I went out shopping yesterday afternoon to find him something.  She was SO excited to give him a bag of Snickers bars!  I kept telling her they were from everyone, but she took the card off the top and gave him “her” present, telling him it was from HER.  She told me that it could just be from me and her since we were the only ones who wanted to go shopping.  Ha!


Do you notice that Ellie is in every picture?  I told her she was in them all, and she smiled and said, “I don’t care”.  Subtle doesn’t work on Ellie.  We also got Cam a Starbucks gift card and a Mahjong set.  I have a feeling we will all be learning to play with Chinese blocks in the very near future.  Maybe it will help us learn characters!


I don’t think Cam was too keen on the singing of the bday song.  And I have to admit, we sounded pretty terrible!  Some of our most favorite people (the same ones we had lunch with) came over to share cake with us, and while we were exuberant and happily singing, I’m not sure any of us were singing in the same key.  It was awesome.  Then, look closely at those pictures.  I don’t think he blew his candles out!!  They were pink.  And there were only 9 of them, but still.  I think the girls got his wishes.

It was a fun birthday for him (I’ve decided on his behalf).  While celebrating him is harder to organize that it is for the girls, my heart was totally in it, and the whole day really was only about him.  We are so blessed to have him as the man of our home, and we count ourselves as the luckiest of women that he is ours.


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