Track and Field

 Yet another perk of the girls attending a truly awesome school is getting to participate in “normal” activities such as track and field.  Back in the day, you know, too long ago to mention, this is the only sport I was a part of.  Little things like hand/eye coordination really made other sports an impossible feat for the likes of me.  Running, however, I could do.  So, I was VERY excited to get to spend an exceptionally sunny Saturday out on the track.


This girl, let’s just say WOW.  She did the high jump and completely ROCKED it!  She had a smile on her face and a little bounce (or a big one) in her run.  She flew over that bar and brought home the gold!!  She absolutely loved the experience!  She said it was easy (perhaps jumping is her thing?!) and so much fun!


 Now, Gracie.  Gracie is such a good sport.  I went to the school on Thursday for a teacher’s meeting, so while I was there I went to see the track coach to ask a few questions.  Turns out they had a need for middle school girl participants.  I promptly volunteered Gracie.  If you know Gracie well, you know she is highly competitive and only does things she knows she will win.  She isn’t a runner.  She doesn’t enjoy any part of it.  So, when I told her I signed her up, she was a little less than thrilled.  However, without her, they would have had to forfeit one of the relays.  So, she agreed (not that she had a choice).  When we got to the meet, the coach asked her to do shot put and run the 100 meter race.  Ummm.  That is a sprint.  The fastest/shortest event.  But, she said she would do it!  She was the shortest and smallest girl in all three events she participated in, but she wore the biggest smile of them all.


 Faith ran the 200 meter race.  Despite another runner taking over her lane, she still sailed through the finish in 3rd place.  Y’all.  This girl can run!


 4 x 100 meter relay.  She got to run this one with her 3 best friends, and these girls pulled out a first place win!  Their handoffs were beautiful, but their friendship and joy were even more so.  Loved watching these girls celebrate!  When I told Faith I was so proud of her, she told me it was because she prayed first before she ran, and that He had helped her.  My heart about burst with the love I have for my tender middle child.


 The race Gracie saved, the 4 x 100 meter relay.  She ran first leg, and did a GREAT job!  The girls placed 3rd, missing second by a mere stride.  It was CLOSE!


 Gracie’s smile while she was running the 100 meter dash was contagious!  She had lots of people commenting on how much she enjoyed the race, but I think she just can’t help it.  She reluctantly admitted that maybe, just maybe, the track meet was fun after all.  She didn’t place, but the experience was worth so much more than a little ribbon ever could be.  She realized that she can have fun even if she isn’t the best at something, and that is one of the best lessons a kid can learn!

We had a truly fabulous day.  We are all a little red and crispy despite multiple applications of sunscreen, and the 5:45am wake up call was entirely gross on a Saturday morning, but it was so worth it to see my girls laughing and having a blast all day long.  Can’t wait until the next one!!  Oh!  And in case you are curious, Ellie was too young to participate.  She was very unhappy about this, because, out of all the girls, she is the one who loves to run the most.  She tried to convince people that she was super fast and could beat the older kids (and I have no doubt she is correct), but they wouldn’t bend the rules.  Ha!  Next time…


One thought on “Track and Field

  1. Amazing! My grands are just like their daddy in sports and just like their momma in smiles. Awesome. I can’t wait to see them. Love you guys so much.


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