We like to eat.

Sometimes the best part of the week is what we eat.  Actually, that happens a lot, but I think the reason may be that we just really like food, not that the rest of the week is bad…



Cam is still a master at the grill.  Just a little bit different fare I suppose.  The locals really seem to like chicken wings, so that is our default meal when we have guests over to the house.  I love that Cam prepares the bulk of the meal, and most of the time, what he grills far surpasses anything I could cook in the kitchen!  Cam’s buddy sent him some BWW sauce, so we also get a taste of home when we have wings…


Cam and I were walking home one day last week when we came upon a strawberry stand selling gigantic berries!  My mouth began to water at the thought of these babies dipped in the Ghiradelli white dipping chocolate I had stashed at home.  Image

This was Thursday’s meal.  Around 3pm, Cam got a text from his friend that confirmed hanging in the air dinner plans.  For that night.  Umm.  I already had everything prepared to make the Beef Lo Mein (meat was cooking all day in the crock pot, because, well, because the beef here is a bit like leather if you don’t cook it for 6 hours).  So, we invited them to our home.  I quickly threw together a banana pudding that I had bought Chessmen cookies for the previous week, thinking Easter dessert, but was too lazy to actually make.  Those cookies are imported and pricey, but so worth every penny when paired with Paula Deen’s pudding recipe!  I already had the berries, so we called it a plan.  At 5:30, they texted and canceled and rescheduled for Friday.  More for us…and our friends that we invited over for a dessert date.

The Chinese way of making plans is to make them all last minute.  They don’t plan things in advance, and they certainly are not bound by time the way Americans are.  Everything is loose.  I think this is one of the hardest things for me to accept.  On Friday, we hadn’t heard anything from Cam’s friend and his wife all day.  It was after 4 I think when we finally connected with them.  They did indeed plan to come over for dinner.  But we had no idea when they would show up.  Chicken wings (the ones pictured above), french fries, and watermelon was the big, fat menu.  Easy and no fuss.  And not too much to eat if another cancellation was in order.  As we were waiting to hear from them, then waiting for them to show up, I realized that I was much calmer about this than I normally would have been.  Perhaps I am changing more than I thought…I hadn’t cleaned my house since the previous Saturday.  There was stuff out, not in the place it belonged.  I didn’t mop.  I didn’t light my good candles.  And I wasn’t stressed about it.  Weird, but good!  Gotta adapt to maintain my sanity.  Ha!


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