Last week, Ellie’s class had a little performance highlighting all the things they learned during their Penguin Unit Study.  It was a sweet performance, and even sweeter to get to see Ellie interacting with her friends in her class.

penguin1They put on a little play, adapted from a book, and Ellie was the “Lovely” Penguin, I believe.  She was shy, and her hair needed to be combed, but she was lovely indeed!

penguin3Things like this always make me a little emotional.  I don’t know if it is pride or joy that I get to be her mama, but one way or the other, I almost always cry when I go to performances.  Ellie showed us all the things she had made while learning about penguins.  We also came across the superhero story, and much to her embarrassment, we took a picture.  I love that she wants to rest all night long.  Ha!  We are so extremely blessed that our girls get to attend this school.  It is a fabulous opportunity, and we will miss it greatly when we move.  They have made the best of friends and have had the time of their lives.  The Father always provides, and more often that not, in ways that we would have never imagined!


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