This can all be filed under “other”.

Our days have been so busy for the past month!  We have really increased our time with local friends, so it seems like by the time our day is over, we are exhausted and the ability to speak, or write, is nonexistent.

I took the girls for a pedicure the evening before our trip to HongKong.  I thought it would be quick, but I was quickly reminded that nothing in this culture is fast.  We had a notice posted on our door that morning that the gas would be shut off at 9pm.  That meant no hot shower after 9pm.  So, whatever we did, we had to make sure we were home before 9!  I went early to scope out a nail salon and told them we would be coming at 6:30.  I figured we would be home by 8 with plenty of time for showers.

Didn’t happen.

They had a special room set aside and were ready for us when we got there, so I was feeling super impressed, thinking this would be our new favorite salon.  However, they only had one man to do all four of us.  Five if you count the friend that met us there.  Around 8, the girls were finished, but us adult ladies hadn’t yet begun.  We decided to leave and go to our “usual” place.  It is cheaper for adults and a LOT faster.  We quickly walked the girls to pick up our dog from the groomers and sent them home (the nail salon is next door to home).  We went right in and sat down.  I still had an hour before the water shut off.  It could happen!  By 8:45, my nails still weren’t painted, so I gave up hope for a hot shower and had Gracie fill the big, red, tub (we don’t have a bathtub) with pure hot water so I could at least have a warm bath(ish).  Finally, at 9:20, I headed home with fabulous mint green gel toenails and hours of good conversation with a great friend accomplished.  And guess what?!  They were late shutting off the gas (go figure), so I got my hot shower after all.

random1On Wednesday mornings, we get to go play with the cutest Chinese baby in the Universe have grammar class.  Our teacher is a good friend, the wife of our first tutor.  We really enjoy our time there, even though Chinese grammar is brutal, and it feels like we will never understand it.  I know that someday it will “click” and the time will be well spent.  Not that holding the baby isn’t time well spent…


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