The End.

With the end of the school year comes lots of busy, fun things.  It is no different in China than it is in America, or so I assume since we didn’t actually attend school in America…

The girls all had concerts, and of course, they weren’t combined concerts.  Because, well, that would just be way too convenient.  You see, the trek to the girls school from our house takes about an hour.  On a bus.  Usually an overcrowded and smelly one at that.  It seems like the whole day disappears when we go for an event!

Gracie had the first concert, so we headed up to pick up the littles after school.  We took them to a nearby mall to hang out and eat until the concert began.  This was a combined choir/band concert for all of secondary.  I was fighting some sort of illness that was determined to take my voice, and something in the auditorium quickened the process, leaving me speechless (literally) for days.  It was all kinds of awful!  The concert was incredibly long beautiful, and it was fabulous to see Gracie playing her beloved trumpet.  I was so sad to see that thing turned in…


(Faith isn’t pictured above because we only had video of her…)

Next, the littles had their concerts.  Theirs were on the same night, different times.  However, early in the afternoon I received an email that said Faith had thrown up.

Yes.  I said e-mail.

Good thing I checked it.  Sheesh.  But, because it was a “special night”, they were going to let her go ahead and participate in the program.  I was a little uncomfortable with this plan, so we headed up to the school to check on our middle baby.  She was peacefully napping, with dried throw-up on her clothes, in the nurses office.  Apparently, orange juice and buttered noodles aren’t a good combination…

The concerts were adorable and made me want to have more children.  Maybe it wasn’t the concerts but the twin girls holding hands in the front row, oblivious to anything but each other.

Somewhere before, after, or in-between the concerts, Gracie had a middle school party.  It ended at 9pm, but the middle school girls bible study (that I help lead) sleepover started immediately after.  I headed up to the school around 8, as mentally prepared as a person can be to spend the night with a bunch of tweenies that giggle a lot.  I have decided that I am too old to participate in things such as this.  It took me all week to catch up on the few hours of sleep I missed!  I also decided that my heart misses teenagers.  Especially a fabulous group of them in Joshua, Texas.

As school comes to an end, and we are faced with the reality that we won’t be attending next fall (we will be going to our new city), we are beginning to realize just how much we have loved the experience of international school and don’t want it to end.  I know the next chapter is written by an amazing Author and will hold exciting new adventures, but letting go is so hard.

So hard.



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