Just another day

I needed some time alone to prepare for an upcoming ladies gathering at which I am speaking, so I decided to go to Starbucks and have some coffee while working on my “stuff”.  As I sat there, I noticed a couple sitting nearby that kept glancing my way.  Then, I heard them say America (in Chinese), so I looked up.  

I knew better.

When I made eye contact, I was giving them a signal that I wanted to talk.  They began to ask me questions that I didn’t understand, so I decided to go over there so I could hear them better.  They had been trying to guess if I was from England or America.  Then they wanted to know all sorts of other things about me.  When we got to a point that I truly couldn’t figure out what they were saying, I excused myself back to my table to continue my work.  However, their interest was sparked, so they just left their table and joined me at my mine.  


I was trying really hard to be involved in the conversation and not show them that I wanted them to go away so I could accomplish what I had come to do.  

I asked them if they were dating.  They both turned red and the silence that followed was enough answer for me.  I think maybe it was one of their first dates…or maybe that HE wanted it to be a date but she didn’t.  She was 8 years younger than him, and he kept telling me how beautiful she was.  I continually agreed with him and even told her I thought her dress was very pretty.  Her reply?

I like your face.

Well.  Okay, then.  That ranks up there with the strangest responses I’ve ever heard to a compliment.  Ha!

After thirty minutes of slightly awkward conversation, a billion selfies that included me, the foreigner, I told them I had to head home.  

I got a text from the guy today…asking if me and my family would like to travel all over the city with them for a few days to find fun things to do. He even said something about making a video of it.  Ummm…wow.  I hope I misunderstood that part. 

I’m not sure what purpose He has in putting me at Starbucks (where I NEVER actually go to drink coffee…sometimes I get it to go, but I can count on one hand how many times I have actually drank coffee in the store) at the same time this couple was there, but I can’t dismiss that He, perhaps, orchestrated it.  That His plan is bigger than just them wanting a foreign friend.  As much as I want to ignore his text and not reply, I can’t.  My heart won’t let me.



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