A new name in Glory!

I haven’t talked a lot about my friend, my closest local friend.  Some things are hard to describe, and some things are just really sensitive and I can’t go into details so it almost seems like, “why bother”.  But I want to bother.  I may have to write in code, and you will have to make inferences and read between the lines, but I will walk the line of what can and can’t be said.

My friend lives 3 floors down, on floor 4.  I met her in the elevator one day months and months ago, before I could speak or understand Chinese words.  I smiled and nodded, never knowing what she said.  Then, the time came for us to actually go out and start practicing the things we had learned.  I thought that she seemed friendly and welcoming, so I went to her and asked if I could meet with her to practice my language.

This began what is now a sweet, sweet, friendship.

As my language grew, and our time together increased, we began to get into deeper conversations.  She told me she wanted her daughter to believe in Father.  She felt that the Word was full of things that offered peace, and the teachings are good.  She had a friend, long ago, that told her about His Son, so she knew some stories and who He was.  She liked the idea of Him, but she already had her own god.  One day, we were in her kitchen cooking something, and she told me she had a secret.

My mom is my god.”

My heart broke.  I had no words.  Her mom died when she a young teenager, and it rocked her world.  She cried telling me about her mom and what a wonderful woman she was.  This was a tender topic, and I wasn’t prepared for it.

So, I lifted her up.  I asked friends and family to lift her up.  To speak to the quiet places in her soul, through the darkness.  A good friend of mine asked that her heart become restless.  I love that picture.  To ask that she wouldn’t be comfortable with the status quo.  To make her desire more.  To let her know she is missing something.  She was covered in pleas to the Father for months.

May 13, 2014.

I had to submit a language evaluation.  These are the worst for me.  I don’t prepare for tests well…I have always had the mentality that I either know something or I don’t.  I would study, but not much.  It would be a true reflection of my knowledge.  That method doesn’t work as well with Chinese.  Ha!  So, I tried to practice my “story”.  But I changed it every time.  It was never the same.  I decided to tell my neighbor my story (while recording it) to submit as a snapshot of my language abilities.  In the middle of my story, she interrupted me.  She said, “I want to believe.  Will you help me?”


Remember, I was recording.  For an evaluation.  I started to stutter.  I used some English.  I was completely and utterly shocked.  We finished talking for the recording (I didn’t want to stop it when she told me her life changing desires because of the whole Chinese Face issue.  She knew I needed to submit a recording, and if I stopped it and didn’t complete it, she would have felt bad.  It was a tough call, and one I’m still not sure I made correctly, but He made it work out perfectly), I hit stop, and I asked her to go back.  I asked her if she meant it.  I asked her why she wanted that.  I asked her what she thought was True.  I asked her about her mom.

She told me she thought that the good things she had were given to her by her mom.  But that she discovered she was wrong.  She now knows they were from Father.  We talked about how to profess.  What the Word says you need to do.

She said, “It’s that simple?

And she bowed her head, on my couch, and said a bunch of stuff I couldn’t understand, but that I know He understood.  I know the angels started rejoicing and a party was being had.  I know that right now, there is a new name written down in Glory, and it’s hers!

All praise and glory and honor go to HIM!  What a mighty One we serve!



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