Where, oh where, is ChickFilA?

I wanted tea.  No, I  needed tea.  It was one of those days in which my soul needed iced cold, sweet tea.  The kind of tea that you get in the south from your grandma’s house and you drink while sitting outside, surrounded by lovely people with the best conversation.  

Or from ChickFilA.

A friend had told me about this place nearby that had fabulous lemon tea, if you’re into things like tainted tea.  I’m not.  I think that sometime in my childhood I mixed the taste of sweet tea with the smell of lemon toilet cleaner.  So, now, when lemon tea crosses my taste buds, I immediately think of toilet cleaner.  I just can’t drink it.

So, I went to this place thinking that I would ask for plain tea.  Without the lemon.  Because they add the lemon…it isn’t a mix.  

When I told them I wanted cold red tea, they immediately said, 

We don’t have that” (I translated that for you.  You’re welcome.)

My sarcastic side was really itching to break free at this point.  I KNEW they had red tea.  They also had ice.  And sugar.  So, I said, 

I would like lemon tea without the lemon, please”

And you know what?  They were totally fine with this idea.

*insert eye roll*

But, y’all.  The trouble was completely worth it!  It was like ChickFilA in a non styrofoam cup.  A slice of heaven that will be revisited many, many times this summer.


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