Its a new day

As I was reading this morning, Father highlighted some things in myself that were just ugly.  

Trials produce endurance.  And we must endure to be mature.

First.  I don’t like being called immature.  More than that, I don’t like when I see how immature I have been acting.  And who likes trials?  I certainly don’t!  I prefer beaches and daisies.  Hard things make me curl up and cry.  Perhaps that is why I feel like my life has so many hard things right now…because I am still curling up and crying…

Last week was rough.  I didn’t hear many encouraging words, but I heard a LOT of discouraging ones.  I let them get into my head.  I let them take the place of HIS words.  The words that tell me:

I am loved.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am chosen.

I am enough.

Instead, I heard all the bad things and started to believe them.  I let them color my attitude.  My attitude was ugly.  It was negative.  It couldn’t see any of the blessings that surround me.  My friends had to endure the rants, the tears, the gross negativity.  I wasn’t shining for Him.  I wasn’t displaying anything that resembled the Father I love so dearly…that loves ME so dearly.

Today is a new day.  Full of His mercies.  And I am claiming victory over the trials!


2 thoughts on “Its a new day

  1. I love Psalm 139. Not only are you blessed but you must know that you ARE a blessing to so many of us. Your honesty and integrity in your blog encourages us to know your OK and that Father is holding you tight. I love you Sissy.


  2. It’s ok to cry, He made those emotions for us. It ok to grieve over bad things in our life, He allows that, but unfortunately we can’t stay there. We have to go about His business with His strength, encouragement and love. You are so loved by us.


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