Hair. Dresses. Weird Mechanical Animals.


Ellie wanted to cut her hair off.  Her reason?

When she runs and gets sweaty, it sticks to her underarms.

I’m pretty sure she is exactly like her dad…


Children’s Day was last month.  I think it is pretty awesome that this country sets aside a special day to celebrate children!  Our neighbor brought the girls a gift…traditional dresses!  Her daughter wanted to match Faith because she is her favorite.  They are also the same age with the most in common.  It is not, however, strange at all to be told which of my children is the favorite and asked which one my favorite is.  When I was asked that, I said I didn’t have a favorite and the lady leaned over and said I was lying.  Ha!  Never a dull moment…weirdanimalsThese weird mechanical animals appeared recently in our apartment complex.  They are super cheap and you get 15 minutes to ride.  They go pretty fast and your area to ride in is pretty vast.  My girls, of course, decided to turn them into bumper cars…bumping into people, benches, each other and anything else in their path.  I’m glad that they won’t be learning to drive anytime in the near future.  I tried to get Cameron to ride with one of the girls for your viewing pleasure, but he wouldn’t humor me.  Or you.  Lots of other dads ride with their children, and it never fails to make us giggle!



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