The missing cheese.

box1My parents and grandparents sent us a box on May 2nd.

On June 7th, it finally arrived.Box2

Normally, this wouldn’t be a huge deal…we would be concerned that it was lost, but generally all the boxes eventually arrive.  This particular box, however, had a special gift inside.

Box3Cheese.  Not just any cheese, but Tillamook Cheese.

We fully expected to get a box that stunk to high heaven, but much to our surprise, most of the cheese was still edible (not the wet slices)!  I know to most of you that sounds entirely disgusting.  18 months ago, I would have died before eating month old, unrefrigerated cheese.  Now, however, the desire for good cheese trumps all the disgusting factors.  And a little in my defense, the cheese was frozen, packed in an insulated bag with an ice pack.  Yes.  I know those wouldn’t have mattered after 2 days, but let me tell myself that, okay?Box4

We were truly thrilled to open this box!  We haven’t received a box in awhile and had forgotten just how encouraging it is to open a box full of treats from home!!  We have really been living it up with all the candy that was inside…maybe overindulging a bit, but Im pretty sure there is a rule that says one can never eat too much chocolate…or colored-filling Oreos…


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