Bird Paradise


Last weekend, my neighbor and good friend asked us if we wanted to go to the bird park with her and her daughter.  I have to be honest…I didn’t want to.  I wanted to stay home on my couch and read a book.  But, because we want to grow relationships, we went.  And I am SO glad we did!  It was such a neat experience!!Bird2

The girls got to hold the birds..I was just hoping they didn’t poop on their heads.  I mean, a little part of me thought it would be hilarious if that happened, but the part that would have to clean the poo was glad it didn’t happen.Bird3

My girls love peacocks.  And this was peacock heaven!  They were walking around everywhere and were so docile that you could touch them and walk around them without them even flinching.  We really liked this white one and took note of the fact that one like him would be a fabulous guest to a wedding.  30 years from now.Bird4

I love Ellie’s grin.  The bird wreaked havoc on her already disheveled hair, but it is just so Ellie that all we can do is grin right along with her.Bird5

These birds are smart!  They would say hello in Chinese and “MaaaaMaaaa”  But they would make you work for it.  So, basically, you would talk to the bird  without him replying for quite some time.  At first you would just say hello.  But then you would get louder and higher pitched, then start making faces.  When you looked and sounded like a complete fool, he would reply.  Smart, I tell you.Bird6

The park wasn’t huge, but it was just big enough to tire you out.  We saw so many species of birds.  Most roaming free.  Some chained.  The emus were big, ugly, and got way too personal.  You could hear the terrified screams from people when they got too close.  Ha!  We contributed to those screams a few times ourselves…Bird7

On our way to Bird Land, we walked through a big park that had a long fence of stone carvings.  It may have been my favorite part.  The park just looked so much like what is in our imaginations when we think of what China should look like.  Reality doesn’t usually match our expectations, but this one did.  Lovely.Bird8

These girls are also very lovely.  And a little bit like monkeys.Bird9In the middle of the mud and poop was a log bridge toy thing.  I didn’t try it out, because, well, if you know me, I wouldn’t have been able to make it across without landing in the mud at least once.  But it looked fun…until Cam decided to shake the ropes…

The storks were fun.  I was really wishing they would give me a baby, but they weren’t that sweet.  Oh!  And the peacocks…when the females came near, the males would shiver their feathers.  The girls still talk about the shaking and randomly do “peacock shiver” imitations.  This really was a fun, fun Saturday.  And to top off the day, we went to dinner at a Beijing place that may have been the BEST Chinese food we have eaten since moving here!  Success!



2 thoughts on “Bird Paradise

  1. I’m catching up on your blogging!! Love all the posts!! Your girls are not scared of anything, especially the birds!! You all look good!!


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