Chiangmai, Thailand

We went to Thailand for some meetings last month and fell in love.  The friends we have here have always talked of Thailand as though it is a little piece of heaven on earth and we didn’t really understand why.  Now we do.  

Thailand is glorious!Thailand1

The pace is slow.  The bathrooms are clean.  The food is out of this world…mangoes, cupcakes, KitKat blizzards, street food, Hawaiian pizza.  No one speaks English or Chinese so you can live in a bubble and just recharge.  They have $3 massages that will change your life.  Seriously.  It’s love.

monkey1We saw a monkey show.  The posters looked great, but It was a racket.  The memories, however, will forever make us all laugh, so the money was well spent.  It was just our family and the the family we came with in the whole place.  We had a showing just for us (because that is really all the monkey land offered). The monkeys played basketball, shook hands, jumped, played games, and even peed on the table.  “Monkey go peepee!!” It was all narrated in heavily accented English that may have been funnier than the show…

Thailand2Before we experienced the marvelous monkeys, we had the supreme pleasure of playing with baby tigers.  It was surreal!  

Thailand3We laid all over them, pet them, played with their tails.  They just slept right through it all…until you tickled their feet.  Then they were up!  It felt like we were just playing with kitties until they started playing with one another and the growls and roars were definitely all tiger!

Thailand4Deep nocturnal sleepers.  Sheesh.  I felt sorry for this poor baby’s dignity.

Thailand5When they were up moving around, they weren’t wanting to be cuddled.  They paced the fence and looked for a brother to tackle.  




By the time we left, our faces hurt from the huge smiles that had stayed glued on.  It still feels so surreal that we were in a cage with tigers…tigers that could have mauled us. Thailand7The workers were all about awkward family photos.  I mean, we had a couple that could totally be in the top 10 worst couple photos.  So you will never see those…but these of me and the girls are weird enough.  So are the ones where they told us to make claws.    But the experience far outweighs the silly photos…this definitely tops my list of best things I’ve ever done!



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