Birthday/ House warming via China Post


I really love it when there are pretty things for me in boxes.  And my best friend knows what I like!  Do you see that Texas?  With the “imy (I miss you)” on it.  She has China on her key ring.  The Lord truly blessed me when He crossed our paths. 


Cam’s mama also filled two boxes with things we love.  Things that will make school not only fun, but pretty.  It was like Mardel in a box.  We got the cutest file folders, burlap organizer, magnetic bookmarks, and all other sorts of fabulous things that you will see when I get the school room put together.  


sbox3 This box was sent by mama and filled by people from Northridge BC, my sis-in-law, bestie, and mama.  It was a big box and full of things that made squeals.  They will also make fat thighs.  I am sure it will be worth it though…

There was some white tulle so all our gifts will be decorated beautifully when we give them, some lime green sheets to make Ellie’s dreams more Shrek-ish.  A vase from my sister that I know what chosen because it looked just like something I would love, full of colors and flowers, and simply beautiful.  It didn’t make the trip in one piece, or even three.  More like a hundred.  I almost cried when I saw the pieces.  Especially because it was packed so well…surrounded with bubble wrap, stuffed with soft socks, surrounded with cushy things, yet it still crumbled.  Sometimes that is a little like life…put together on the outside, packed with perfection, but crumbling on the inside.  I am choosing to not see the broken pieces but rather to see the love with which it was chosen and sent to me.



I have said this before, but I really love notes in boxes.  The boxes yesterday all had notes.  Handwritten notes that said “I love you”.  You know…you could send us letters just like normal…someone sent me a Christmas card last year (thanks Ash!) and it made our day/week/month!  

Ellie also received her first real Bible after deciding to believe.  Cam and I ordered it and had her name imprinted on it, then Kelly put it in her box for us.  She is very excited to have her own Book to read, and we are very excited for her to start this journey of diving into the Word that will never end.


Cam’s Mama sent him shoes.  I love the picture that it brings to mind.  I don’t think you ever get too old for your mama to shop for you.  Our parents are so great about providing for us, even in our 30’s, with 3 kids, living across the ocean.  The love of a parent doesn’t fade.  And we have the best parents.  When I think of Cam’s parents and the journey we have been on, I can’t even imagine having better in-laws.  In fact, I don’t like the term “in-laws” because it feels like not enough to describe the love I have for them.  I am blessed to have 2 moms and 2 dads that love me equally.  It’s pretty awesome.


Gracie got to celebrate her birthday again, and she has eagerly awaiting the moment!  (The pics of her in the black dress were on her actual birthday in Chengdu).  I made my first Old Navy China purchase for her, and it was a win!  Those of you with tweenies know how hard it is sometimes to guess at what they would actually like…


Cambry (her cousin) sent her an owl picture that says something about best friends.  I love that after almost 2 years, they still think of each other as best friends.  I hope that never fades.  Ever.  Mama sent her the new American girl movie and iTunes money.  They have had the digital code for a week now and have watched the movie a dozen times…enough to know all the words.  


Kelly rocked out the gift this year.  She sent Gracie some Miss Me bermudas and a fun island tank.  And a bracelet that Gracie LOVES.  It all fits fabulously and Gracie seriously loves the choices.


She looks pretty cute in them too!

I have been reminded so often in the last week how much we are loved.  Both by our Father and by our friends and family.  This was just another display of that overwhelming love in action.  



One thought on “Birthday/ House warming via China Post

  1. I’m so excited to see the joy coming from your precious family. Thrilled about your new home. Looks so beautiful there. Thanks for all the info we get. What a joy it is each time we hear from y’all. Love you and remembering you.

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