Glimpse of Our School


Considering that homeschool isn’t new to us, you would think the transition would be easy.  However, it has been far more challenging than I ever imagined.  We set up a fun room to have school in, complete with yoga ball chairs, a white board, and fun additions that Cam’s mama sent us to organize with.


Gracie is in 7th grade this year, Faith is in 4th, and Ellie is in 2nd.  How did that happen?!

We are using Classical Conversations as a base for our schooling, and there are so many fun projects that we get to do!  Pinterest has come to life in our classroom…and Cam is so thankful that there is no Hobby Lobby nearby I am sure.  Ha!  We learned about Columbus the first week and the Mayflower the second week.  We watched many videos highlighting the events and even made some hard-tack crackers to experience a bit of what they ate.  Dried fish is readily available in this part of the world, but the girls weren’t interested in even discussing trying any.  I think the thing that stuck in their minds the fastest was that on the boat, the beverage they drank was beer due to the water not being fresh.


I have been asked about it daily…


Gracie is using a different science book than the littles are, so she gets to do experiments on her own and teach us about them as she does.

She learned about chemical reactions with vinegar, cabbage, and a balloon.

The littles were learning all about cells and their parts, so they made edible cells.  Gracie got in on the action because who doesn’t want to eat jello filled with candy?!  Ellie was super proud of her cell and requested a solo picture.

She will most certainly see this picture later in life.


School3We have moved onto bones and muscles, so this week the girls got to dig into a chicken quarter.  Faith broke the bone in half with her brute strength (ask her about that sometime).  Ellie was thrilled that her bone had a joint connecting it to the other bone.  She kept bending it back and forth.  They peeled skin off and found the ligaments inside.

The germophobe inside me was freaking out.  I had to take deeps breaths and tell myself everything would be fine.

As visions from Contagion flashed through my mind…

For those of you who have prayed for us as we started on the homeschooling journey again, THANK YOU.  It has gone smoothly, with only a few tears, lots of laughter, and hugs at the end of the day telling me how glad they are they get to spend the whole day with me. It wouldn’t be possible without the guidance of our Father and His ever present help!


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