I’m 30! (Again)


Yesterday was my birthday.  Today was also my birthday.  This is one of the perks of living overseas…we get to celebrate twice!

I was truly spoiled by my dear husband and daughters (and friend!).  The day started around 7 when Cam and I headed out to jog.  He slowed his pace down and jogged beside me instead of leaving me in his dust.  There was just something really special about it…although I never would have thought to want that.  Then we picked Ellie up from home (because she was the one awake) to join us for some lap swimming.  You see, I knew what was coming later in the day so I needed to burn some calories early on.  Ha!

A couple days before my birthday, my sweet friend treated me to a massage and Starbucks.  We were kicking off Birthday Week well!  Then, in the afternoon on my birthday, I got a cryptic text saying “knock knock” from this same friend.   This beautiful and happy plant was waiting for me outside my door.

The girls all presented me with handmade cards and creative presents.  Then I got to FaceTime and text with family.  Gracie even decorated the white board so I could be reminded it was my birthday (not there was a chance I would ever forget).

I am so blessed.


Then.  This happened.  Cam grilled burgers topped with cheese and bacon.  I know this looks ordinary and may see like a strange and easy birthday meal.

Let me break it down for you.

Beef (could be water buffalo): $14.19

Buns:  homemade

Bacon: $5

Tostitos chips: $8.39

Velveeta and rotel: only from America

Guacamole made with 3 avocados: $12

Cheese: $5

It isn’t ordinary.  It can’t be bought from one store.  And it isn’t easy.  It is a special treat and exactly what I wanted!


Boston Cream Pie.


He made it from scratch!  He doesn’t bake.  I’m pretty sure this was his first cake ever, and it was superb!  In fact, it is my new favorite…and I am requesting it every year from here on out!


The gifts.  I am a present loving gal.  I love it when someone takes time to choose something they really hope I will love.  Nothing means quite as much as that.  Cam picked out some wooden wall art for me, bought me a fabulous teal scale (that I have no picture of), and some Starbucks mugs for my growing collection.  It really couldn’t have been more perfect.


Except for this.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 9.02.27 AMMy niece, Abigail, was welcomed into this world on my birthday!  She waited until evening to come, but my dear family face- timed me right after she took her first breath of air.  I got to hear her sweet first cries, see her weighed and rubbed down, and watch the people I love, fall in love right before my eyes.  With tears streaming down my face and my heart feeling like it may burst from longing to be there, I realized how blessed I am that I did get to be there.  Praise the Father above for technology!

This precious child will always be close to my heart.  We will always share something that no one else in our family gets to share with us…our birthdays.  I may not get to touch her or cuddle her right now, but I do get to pray for her.  Every day, I can lift her to throne room of Jesus, and that will always give us a bond that can’t be broken or torn apart.  No matter the distance. Sometimes the cost of obedience feels like too much, but then He goes and does something amazing that blows my socks off. He knew the way my heart ached from having to miss her arrival.  He knew.  So, He chose to show me His love in a way so special I hadn’t truly dared to hope it could happen.

Best.  Present.  EVER.


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