Around town


Cam got a call from a newish friend he has made the other day asking if we all wanted to hang out.  He mentioned a movie, eating lunch, going to a park…really anything that sounded good to us.  Cam tried to tell him that we were in the middle of schoolwork with our girls, but he was persistent.  I think he didn’t quite understand because it was a holiday and his kids weren’t in school.  Therefore, no other kids could possible be in school.  It just wasn’t a possibility in his mind.

Well, Cam hung up with a worried look on his face and said, “I think he may be coming over here.”  Cam had told him not to because we were busy, but sure enough, ten minutes later, he was at our gate.  We spent some awkward, slightly uncomfortable minutes meeting his children and trying to make them like us entertain them.  Finally, it was decided that they would leave so we could finish our school day and we would meet them at a mall in a couple hours to either play in the arcade or see a movie.


Due to the fact that my children wouldn’t understand a movie in Chinese, we decided to go the arcade route.  It was definitely an experience we won’t forget!

Apparently arcades here aren’t just for kids and teenagers with nothing better to do.  The smoky haze that floated overhead had it feeling more like a casino…as did the old men who were all lined up in a row at slot machine lookalikes playing games reminiscent of Bejeweled.  Old men chain smoking next to toddlers playing the same game.  We aren’t in Texas anymore, y’all.

Asian people, especially young adults, love the dancing game.  Fast feet and swinging hips, they line up and play this dancing game nonstop…and they have the moves memorized.  I just can’t imagine

1. being able to think that quickly and

2. playing something so often that I no longer have to watch the screen to know what to do.

Ellie flash backed to her toddler years and crammed herself inside the kiddie rides while licking a lollipop (and I just wanted you to see the awesome freckles on Faith’s face in that last picture).


Once the arcade money well ran dry, we tried to say goodbye to our new friends, but typical in the Asian culture, the separation wasn’t quick and painless.  He really wanted us to eat dinner with him and his kids, and although our minds were at home with the fajitas we had marinating, we ended up joining them.  Since we were his guests, we didn’t really have input in the ordering process.  And since the place we happened to walk into was more western inspired than Asian, he didn’t really know what he was ordering.  We ended up with lattes (I am fairly certain mine was sprinkled with black pepper), french fries, a club sandwich with fried eggs inside instead of meat, a chicken sandwich on toast, Chinese hot dogs wrapped in Chinese bacon (trust me.  it is NOT the same as what you may be imagining), shrimp pizza, and fruit covered in mayonnaise.  We all nibbled, still trying to play the “we are eating at home” card, but our friend wasn’t buying it.  He wouldn’t let his very hungry kids eat because we were the guests and the food was for us.  So, with no other option, we started eating.  With whispered threats, the girls tried it all.  Cam and I picked up the slack.

The reward was a beautiful balloon flower as we walked out of the restaurant.  Somehow Ellie scored all three flowers and wore them like this the whole way home.  She’s a special one for sure!

And check out the recycling truck we saw!  I really liked the basket touch tied onto the back.  And I’m sure this pile was extremely secure…positive.


Coffee and blue skies.  More words really aren’t necessary.

The weather is cooling down enough for me to have coffee and Jesus on my balcony in the mornings without sweating, and I really can’t imagine a better way to start my day!

And coffee at Starbucks is also a perk that happens on occasion.  This particular day, our internet was down and I had to do some lesson planning for the week, so a friend and I headed to the Bucks for some iced lattes.  What was funny was that I had a free birthday drink on my card and she forgot her card, so I gave her Cam’s to use.  We never told them our names, but our cups were labeled (from our cards) like this when they called out the drinks.  She was Cameron and I was Strange. 😉


And this little doll has stolen our hearts.  We wake up every day waiting to see a new picture of Miss Abigail.  How my arms ache to hold her!  I am so in love with this little niece of mine and am counting months until I get to meet her in person.  22 more to go…


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