Helllloooo Barbie!


When I was a little girl, playing with Barbies, I always imagined I would have a pink convertible when I grew up.  Then I grew up and realized that really wasn’t reasonable or feasible.

When the opportunity arose to buy a scooter for myself (Thank you Grace Temple!!), that no one else would be driving, the logical choice, of course, was Barbie pink!

Actually, if I am being truthful, my first choice was aqua.  However, after hours of searching and multiple shopping trips (Cam had so much patience with me!), we realized that choice wasn’t available in the size that we needed.  So I defaulted to pink, which never completely left the table, and I LOVE it!

I love to look at it and see it parked nicely in the parking garage under our building.  Driving it…that’s another story.


There are a million people driving the streets.  All of them have their own set of street rules.  Stopping at the lights are optional for scooters…you don’t pay attention to what is behind you, so getting cut off is totally normal and to be expected.  It takes defensive driving to a whole new level.  I have realized I am not observant of my surroundings…nor am I brave when it comes to darting out in front of oncoming traffic.  I scream and squeal and wobble like a weeble, but I don’t fall down!

I am taking it slow (staying safe), and I have the most amazing and patient teacher that takes it slow so I can follow behind.  He’s pretty cute too 😉

Once I get the hang of the streets, our family will be able to travel so much easier, faster and cheaper than using cabs (which are a nightmare to find).  We are all (cautiously) excited…and have had to establish a rotation system for who gets to ride with Mama.  Ha!


4 thoughts on “Helllloooo Barbie!

  1. I love this! It reminds me of my Mom and her scooter when I was a child in Liberia. However, I’m SURE hers was not cool pink. ::grin::


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