Thank you, Edgewood!!


Many years ago, through a program in college, Cam was invited to speak at a revival in North Carolina.  When he flew there, leaving his girls at home, they reached out and ministered to me from afar…they sent flowers to my home telling me thank you for sharing my husband…this is just a glimpse of the heart of Edgewood Baptist.


We had the pleasure of driving through their city on our way to training a couple years ago, so we planned a day to stay and worship with them.  It felt as though we had always known them!  They embraced us as though we were family, and we left them with full hearts.


In the almost two years that we have been on this side of the ocean, they have been such faithful supporters!  They have held the ropes from afar with prayer, emails, and simply staying in touch, making sure we were doing okay.


Then, we got an email saying that Roy Warden’s Sunday School class specifically lifted our family up for the month of September and wanted to send us a little token of their love.  (Do you see all those Rotels?!!  We may display them in the living room…)

NC box1

Their love was so much that one huge box couldn’t contain it…it took TWO!

NC Box4

They blessed our socks off!!

NC Box3

From sunscreen to Velveeta, tank tops to a North Carolina Starbucks mug, cookie sheets, and macaroni for days, there was so much tucked away inside these two boxes that gave our hearts the warm fuzzies.  There were cheers and squeals and smiles all around…and the excitement level of breakfast and lunch has gone through the roof!!

NC Box2

The Body has gathered together and encouraged our hearts more than words could ever truly express.  Thank you!!!!


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