The Grandmas Strike Again!


When Father led us to a church in Joshua, Texas that was completely outside of “normal” for us, we never expected to blessed the way we were.  We were adopted by some of the greatest prayer warriors I have ever met, and our hearts became entwined together with no way of ever separating them.


Not only do I know that every. single. day. they are charging the throne room of the King on our behalves, I know that we can go to them with anything and their response will be encouragement and support.  They remember our birthdays and send emails exactly when we need them most.  I know it is no coincidence when their names pop up in my inbox, because He knows before I do what will be in my path that day.  They will forever be counted as family, and for that I will be forever grateful.


They love to send us tangible expressions of their love as well.  And nothing says I love you quite like decaf tea, Downy sheets, and bikinis!  This may very well be the first bikini they have owned…and I am still undecided how I feel about it, but they LOVE it.  Faith and Ellie trade out every other day on who gets to wear it to the pool.  Ha!

The letters in the box, written in Shirley’s illegible scrawl, bring tears to my eyes.  Some words we have to guess on, but the meaning is crystal clear.  She loves us.  The feeling is mutual, my dear sweet friend.

shirley5One of these days, my prayers will be answered and these women will come for a partner visit, and What a day that will be!  


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