Unexpected Blessings.

Sometimes He sends us blessings that are these tiny glimpses of His glory, yet they fill our hearts with an overwhelming feeling of love and care.

We had one of those Saturday night.

It was a normal plan to hang out at the beach the have dinner with our supervisor.  He said he was with friends.  I didn’t think too much about this and expected to see him and his wife with some of their friends.  I would play in the water and come home tanned (more freckles), tired, and happy.

Father had another plan entirely.

Instead of who I had assumed would be joining us, two men I had never met, wearing pants and polo shirts (not really beach ready attire in my opinion), walked up to our table with our super.  Hmm.  Okay…

They sat down with grins on their faces and with the sweetest southern drawls introduced themselves as leaders of clubs in America.  Southern America.  They were here teaching some seminars to the local people.

We talked for a couple hours.  They asked all about us.  How we got here.  How we liked it.  Struggles we had.  Praises to share.  They were genuinely interested in knowing us.

As we went to dinner, they engaged my girls unlike any adults I have ever met, saying it helped their homesickness to get to talk to them and be with them. The girls were chatterboxes…giggling, sharing details about themselves that I didn’t even know!  They all told me at different times,

“I like them.”

Me too, girls.  Me too.  There was just something different about them.  When one of them prayed over our meal, my eyes filled up with tears.  Only one other person has ever had that effect on me with a dinner prayer (Jason Porter is his name).  My heart wanted to sit and listen to them talk, to seek wisdom from them because Father was evident in their every fiber.

As the evening came to an end, I felt blessed.  I felt encouraged.  I felt ready to face another day, and y’all.  My heart needed that.

Although, when they looked at us and said thank you for what you do, I felt unworthy.  I don’t deserve thanks.  I am just a sinner, trying to be obedient.

And I fail.  A lot.

The tears threatened again when we circled up to be prayed over.  We all went home with lighter hearts, feeling like we were better for having met these two men.   I went home fighting tears, wanting to sit in a corner, curled in on myself,  just thanking Him for the way He chooses to encourage us in this journey.  I’m not sure they will ever know how their kindness was a balm to my soul, but I know Who deserves all the praise for this meeting, and I praise Him fully!


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