Happy {all} Holidays!!


One of our most faithful supporters is Northridge Baptist in San Angelo, Texas.  When we asked if they were interested and willing to send us a box to supply all our holiday-party-throwing needs, they quickly and gladly said yes.


Jaymie and I talked about the parties and the ideas I had, and just like old times, she added some input and we came up with a good plan.  Next year, I’m going to do all I can to get her here for the holidays to help host these parties!  We also came up with a pretty extensive list…


The good people there weren’t intimidated by said list, and sent over and above all the things we needed!


My girls kept saying, “We are going to have the best Christmas parties EVER!!”  The Fall decorations were immediately set out on display, and we were able to dig into the pile of goodies just two days later when we hosted a Thanksgiving party.  One of our greatest outreach opportunities come in the form of holiday parties.  We can share the Good News in a non-threatening environment, and many people hear the Truth they have been searching their whole lives for.


I wish I could have truly captured the amount of stuff crammed into this box.  It was like it kept coming out!  We started by making piles on the table, and quickly had to move the box to the floor when we ran out of room.  But then, with the box still half full, we ran out of room on the table again.  We had to pull out shopping bags to organize the goodies into craft, food, and small gift categories.  The blessing of everything in this box is immeasurable.  The generosity of the Body overwhelmed us, and we are so thankful to be on this journey with Northridge serving alongside us!


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