Christmas Parties #1 and #3


We joined with some other like minded people on the island to throw a couple parties for local people as a way to share the Good News this Christmas Season.  We had decorations, prizes, gifts, and food just like we would in America.  In fact, a lot of what we used was sent to us by partners in America for this purpose.  We are SO thankful for their generosity and help.  It isn’t the first time these partners have blessed us greatly!


A party isn’t a party without goofy pictures.  I’m pretty sure Cam wins the goofiest picture award…I sure love that man!


Ellie may have participated in the craft station and cookie decorating station more than the party guests.  Every time I turned around she was making more cookies!  I gladly ate what she made 🙂

Cam and some other friends led Christmas music in both English and Chinese.  Seeing him lead never gets old, and seeing Chinese people with their eyes closed, singing as loud as they can sing “Joy to the World” brought tears to my eyes.


Cupcakes.  If you didn’t expect that, you must not know me well.  I will make cupcakes for the smallest reason, but a party is the biggest reason I can think of!  Having my parents there to help is something I won’t soon forget.  It was such a neat blessing to have them serve alongside us in the work we are doing here.

We hosted two parties at a local office building, with about 70 in attendance combined.  Lots of seeds were planted and we are asking that He grow them well!


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